What we are proud of

We are a small complementary team driven by the same values ​​of enthusiasm, honor, passion and commitment. After all, a positive attitude and appearance inspires everyone. Time after time we continue to do our upmost and try to meet the expectations of our clients.

More than book-keeping

Delivering quality, carefully looking after your business and accurate work are our priorities. By looking at your business from different perspectives, beyond the traditional book-keepers’ look, we strive for the best and most balanced solutions.

A team

Honesty, openness and service are our foundations for a respectful, collaborative cooperation.


By saying what we do and doing what we say, we want to gain the trust of both our clients and our external business relationships. Working constantly towards a sustainable relationship is at the core of our services.

Our values

Our name and identity

Our name refers to the famous and spectacular curve that characterizes the Spa-Francorchamps circuit and is known worldwide. Taking this turn is extremely difficult and requires the utmost in daring. During the preparations for a race (see also a very personal message) I went off track the hard way. It being an extremely scary experience, it also turned out to be a great lesson in life; going your own way, stubbornly, does not always work.

Learning from others, working together as a team where everyone has their value, and being honest with yourself and others gives better results. Also or
better, especially in the corporate world. As an entrepreneur, you always face challenges, and you also have an important social mission.

We learned an important lesson at the Raidillon; we want to share this lesson with you as an entrepreneur. We would like to assist with advice and help in the
most extensive form and in a way that is sustainable and goes way beyond an one-sided tax view and incentive.

About me, Peter

A very personal note

Although numbers have always been the common thread through the professional career, competitive sport also has been. The years of competitive sport have enabled me to recognize the importance of teamwork, diversity, different insights, the non-existence of the one and only big deal, and to understand and accept.

After years of working in the most competitive environments of financial management, we recently gained some new values ​​and have adapted a new
philosophy. The years op operating in these highly competitive environments have been a very good learning experience and have allowed us to work in the most diverse environments and cultures, from the US (Denver, Boston, Minneapolis, Greensboro), through Africa, Dubai to Singapore.

We have also gained extensive experience within Europe (Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden). This combination of different cultural exposures and high-end accounting, created an on-going life full of challenges and new learning opportunities and still …
The constant need to always have to put the ROI first, has made us realize that our passion reaches further … So we have decided to take a new path; a path of wanting to be more “boutique”. We not only want to have an unique name in the accounting world, but we also want to provide a unique package of services where the entrepreneur comes first and no longer his business’ performance. This new path has been taken, it is now up to us to gain renewed trust from our clients….

  • Certified Accountant
  • Certified Tax Consultant
  • Member ITAA
  • Faculty staff at business schools


  • Extensive accountant experience
  • Always puts customers firts
  • Detail oriented

Senior Business Consultant

  • Native English spoken
  • Coach & Assesment experienced

Senior HR & Business Consultant